Monday, September 28, 2009

So Tired...

Ok, so much for this not feeling any symptoms, blah, blah, blah. I'm so tired. I wake up, and want to take a nap. I eat lunch, then want to take a nap. Then, I want to go to bed at 8 pm because I'm tired from doing a whole lot of nothing. Well, I might be exaggerating a tad, but I definitely feel that my energy is zapped.

In other news my precious little Grandma Katie turned 97 today! How amazing is that? She is truly the most godly women I know, and I adore her. The family is having an open house for her next weekend, but unfortunately I don't think Chris and I are going to be able to go because of work. I am hurting for PTO before this little babe shows up. I'm hoping to go visit her sometime during the week. Here are some photos of her and I canning peaches and pickles a few weeks ago.

-She had to show me how to tie my apron in a straight bow, precious.

The peaches turned out wonderfully! I just love my grandma dearly.

Monday, September 21, 2009

7 weeks.

According to my calculations, I believe I am 7 weeks today (give or take a few days). This is all according to which is my newest obsession. Apparently, the baby is the size of a blueberry this week. Also, it doubled in size since last week and is starting to grow arms and legs :) This all still doesn't really feel real to me yet. Like I said last post, I'm not having any nausea or anything. However, I have been taking more afternoon naps. Growing a baby is hard work.

Not a whole lot else is new at this point. Just waiting for that first Dr.'s appointment and praying that everything is developing okay for little nudger. I had to tell a couple people at my work this weekend about the pregnancy because I can't hang chemo anymore. Also there has been a contagious sickness going around my work that a lot of people are getting preventative treatment for. This greatly stressed me out because I do not want to take any medications unless absolutely necessary. So I have also been praying for good health for myself so I don't have to be in the position to take any meds.

Maybe next post I'll take a belly pic. It just feels so weird to take a picture of your own belly. Especially since I'm really not showing, and I still feel like I just ate to big of a meal (at all times)...

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Lately I've been eating a lot of pickles. This is odd because normally I don't even like pickles. This could really be caused by two things. One, the baby. Two, because I canned pickles myself this year and feel obligated to eat them. However, I still think that it is odd that I was eating pickles on the same day I found out I was preggo. Maybe its just me. In other news I'm not having many other symptoms. I feel pretty good so far. A little bit of bloating a couple weeks ago, but nothing else. I'm hoping to have pregnancy's like my mom's, because I hear from her they were okay :)

This coming Tuesday Chris and I get to go talk to our Dr.'s nurse. However, I don't get to see the ole doc till 12 weeks. This feels like forever away! Hopefully it will go fast. Chris and I had originally wanted to wait until that 12 week appointment to tell our friends and family. It is seeming to be much easier said than done. I saw a couple of my best friends last week and am just dying to tell them, so we will have to see how long this will last.

Finally, here is a picture of the current head of house: Sophie. Chris and I are still deciding how these two hooligan dogs are going to adjust to little nudger.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chris's Pilot Blog

Blogging.......Hmmm. For the past year of my life all I have heard my wife talk about or show me on the Internet are the fifty million sites/ blogs that she is obsessed with. Right now on the bookmarks section of our computer Marcie has twenty blogs that she checks and stays up with regularly. I had no idea what a blogging-sick-a-fant my wife was.

Since we found out the big news about our little nudger Marcie presented the idea of starting our own blog. I thought it was an excellent idea to document what we are currently going through and the craziness of our lives. I also thought it would be an excellent place for me to talk about all the new things I will be learning along the way of Marcie's pregnancy. Marcie and I both figured she would cover her perspective and I would cover mine.

Most of Marcie's friends already have children, are pregnant, or are trying to become pregnant. Most of my friends are single, married with no kids, or are trying to get pregnant. Marcie has a lot of people she can talk to and get information from. I, unfortunately, am learning as I go. So I can only image the lack of knowledge I have on this entire situation. Plus I am a male.

The first morning after Marcie and I found that she was pregnant I was already given a term I had no clue of. Marcie asked if I would be interested in taking Bradley Classes. I asked if she wanted to take them with me to which she laughed and said of course. I had no idea what I had just signed up for. I wasn't sure if a Bradley Class was some kind of small town high school thing that me, the city slicker wouldn't have taken because of my large high school.

I then thought that couldn't have been it. Maybe a Bradley Class was something I missed out on in college. Nope not it either. I come to find out that a Bradley Class is some type of pregnancy class that encourages natural child birth. Next question isn't all child birth natural. How could it be unnatural? I hope I am not offending anyone but these are the ridiculous questions that flood my mind and probably millions of other newly expecting fathers.

Next order of business Marcie informs me about the differences between a natural birth and the medicated births that occur. After being flooded with all of this new birthing information I informed Marcie that it would be good to take the Bradley Class and any other classes I could in order to prepare myself.

I'm sure I will not blog nearly as much as Marcie, one because Marcie is a better "blogger" and two because my blogs are ridiculous. In the mean time I leave you all with this: Marcie and I found this when we were trying to find out the correct spelling of the word shenanigan. Click on the sound picture and a little computer man says "shenanigan." I thought it was hilarious.

The web site is:

Pilot Blog

Hmm, what to say in my first blog entry. The past few weeks have been a slight whirlwind to say the least. Chris and I decided it was time to expand our family in August. Not trying "per say" just not preventing, you know, that whole line. We had been thinking about it since last year, but I just hadn't felt settled enough. Well, 1 car and 1 new house later, I'm finally feeling significantly settled. We both decided it was time to take the plunge and just accept what the Lord sends our way.

Almost as soon as we started trying I was sure I was preggo. Chris was like, "oh for goodness sake, it hasn't even been a month yet." However, for some reason I had a gut feeling. At the end of August I decided to just take a pregnancy test for the heck of it. I had one in the closet that was just staring at me, I figured it couldn't hurt. Only one line showed up: not pregnant. Shoot, I had been so sure for some reason. Oh well, I figured we'd only been trying a month.

Well, first week in September I was officially "late". It had been a week since the last test, I thought ehh maybe I should take another one. I asked Chris and he just rolled his eyes and said okay. He knows how much I love to pee on those sticks. I did have a test handy, but it wasn't a digital one, it was one with the pink lines. I took the test and BAM, 2 pink lines popped up right away! I just sat there staring it at for about 10 minutes as it just got darker, and darker, and darker yet. I was SO excited and shocked. It had happened so fast. I ran back into our bedroom and shoved the pee stick in Chris's face. He just looked at me, then looked at the test, then looked back at me. He kept asking me if 2 lines meant pregnant, or not pregnant (even though it clearly states right on the test that 2 lines = pregnant).

So we both just sat there for awhile. I was like what should we do now? My first thought was that I needed to go to the store and get organic shampoo. For some reason I had read somewhere that shampoo is absorbed into the scalp, and I didn't want my little nudger getting any bad chemicals. After much debate, we decided it was necessary to go to walmart and get another couple tests (you know, just to be sure), organic shampoo, milk, and steak for supper. Chris thought I needed to start eating more meat and I thought I needed to drink some milk. It sounded like the practical thing to do.

A couple tests later with two more digital positives, we were pretty sure we conceived right off the bat. Man, I really wanted to shout it from the rooftops. However, it still is pretty early, and we decided to wait till we see a doctor. In the meantime I am here eating plenty of steak. Chris and I decided that a blog would be a good way to document what is happening/going to happen along this journey. I am already having short term memory loss, whether it is from the little one or not, I figure I'm going to need all the help I can get to keep track of all these shenanigans.


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