Friday, April 23, 2010

full term.

I feel this week is somewhat of a milestone for us because I am officially 37 weeks, holler! Meaning, if the baby would come now it would be okay because I am full term. Obviously it probably won't be for a couple more weeks, but it is definitely a relief knowing that we have made it this far safely. I went to the Dr. on Monday and everything is still looking right on track. My belly measured 37 cm , which is exactly what it is supposed to be. Babies HR is 138... So, Chris and I are just hanging out here trying to get everything else in order. There are a few small things I still need to get, and I still need to pack the bags. But otherwise I think we are as ready as we will ever be. Nudger has been moving around like crazy, I think he/she definitely wants out, or maybe that is just my wishful thinking :)

I cannot wait to see what this little babe is, girl or a boy, Phoebe or Phoebo. So what do you all think? I know you've been reading this blog because I see 70 votes on our boy or girl poll. So far we are at 40 for a boy, and 33 for a girl. However, I cannot see who voted for what. Because I want to know what you all are thinking leave me a comment with your name and what you think Nudger is going to be :) I'm very curious.

In other news Chris and I made a huge purchase this week! We finally broke down and ordered a new Cannon xsi, SLR, digital, glorious, beautiful, huge camera!!! I have wanted a new one forever, and so we figured now is as good of time as any to get it before nudger arrives. I actually got a really good deal online which I was pumped about! I tracked the shipping progress this morning and it is "out for delivery"! So sometime today it should be arriving and I am watching for that UPS truck like a hawk. However, I am starting to feel a little nervous about getting such a big camera since it has been awhile since I've used one and now I'm feeling a little intimidated! So, if any of you have any photography tips please pass them on. Actually I'm just thinking about going out to buying "SLR's for Dummies" as a refresher course.
Hope you all have a glorious weekend!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

hello belly, goodbye feet

Throughout this pregnancy Chris has been taking weekly photos of my belly, and the change has been pretty astonishing! We usually take these pics every week in front of the fire place, and I do the same pose/position, pretty simple. However, a few months ago I was talking to one of my friends from work and she volunteered to take some pregnancy pictures for us. I was thrilled! I had wanted some more photos to document this time in our lives, but with all the other items we've had to purchase, pictures got pushed to the bottom of the list. So a couple weeks ago Angie came over with her camera and got some awesome shots of us just around our house! I loved this shoot so much because I think it turned out to be more personal then just going to a studio. Ang has been messing around with photography as a hobby, but I'm trying to convince her to go into business :) The photos turned out so cute and were exactly what I wanted. Hopefully sometime I can return the favor to her :) Check them out, didn't she do an awesome job?!?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baby Fever

Last week our besties Jake and Christy were blessed with the appearance of their little gum-drop Silas Jacob! You would have thought when I got that text message from Christy early Wednesday morning that I had gone into labor myself :) I was kind of dozing in bed, and as soon as I read that text that she was in the hospital I jumped out of bed and was wide awake. It was kind of funny actually because since I couldn't sleep I think I kind of went in to nesting mode, haha! It was about 7:30 am and I decided to go on a baking binge, and started whipping out fresh bread and oatmeal cookies. Chris came down stairs and he was like what the heck are you doing? I really didn't know why, but baking seemed like a good idea. So I continued to bake the rest of the morning (with my glorious kitchenaid I might add). But then by about 1pm I ran out of energy. I figured she must have had the baby by then!?! So I decided to go for a walk to kill more time. Then by about 5 pm I was thinking she must have had the baby by now! lol. I was so anxious, Chris kept telling me to calm down. We decided to go out to eat that night with the Gilsons, and then at supper I got the long awaited call! Baby Silas had arrived, everyone was healthy. I could not have been happier :) Chris and I both had the next day off and decided to make a quick trip to DM to visit. Of course when I saw the little peanut I got all emotional. He was just darling! I kept looking at Chris saying, "This is going to be us in like a month! Holy Cow!" So of course we got some good pics with the little fellow. I am so happy for Christy and Jake, they were both beaming with pride, it was seriously the cutest thing ever. And if it's even possible, now I'm a billion times more excited to see our own little nudger!!!

Another reason I was dying to make a quick trip out to DM was to see my cousin Rohana, her husband Derrick and new baby Dominic. After leaving the hospital we were able to stop by their apartment for a visit. I finally got to meet precious little Dom and he was just as sweet as I knew he would be :) He is already four months old! It was crazy to see him after seeing Jake and Christy's new baby, because they really grow up crazy fast in just four months! Dominic was smiling, holding his head up, and laughing, he is just at an adorable age. It was so good to catch up with Rohana and Derrick, thanks for supper guys :)


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