Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Things I love

Here are a few things I'm currently in love with.

#1 Baby-proofing of the kitchen cabinets, courtesy of Grandma Y.

#2 Vivian having play dates with her bestie Lo, probably the cutest interactions ever!

#3 Snickers. I have no idea but all of a sudden I crave snickers. It is so random, and also deliclious! Chris is totally using it to his advantage too, because he is usually the one with the sweet tooth. So now when I wake up there is a snickers magically sitting on the counter, courtesy of Mr. Chris, as if to say, "ha, you have a candybar and I don't". Its very sneaky! Actually, I've just decided that this is another sign I'm turning into my mother, she also loves them :s

#4 Diapers on the line. Oh man, I love spring for this reason alone! They get so white, and smell so good, its amazing!

#5 Tootsie playing in her kitchen in her big girl pj's. Oh man, for some reason these pj's just break my heart! She could ask me for anything while wearing them, and I would gladly oblige her. Thanks Aunt Kikki!

#6 Tootsie eating spaggati! My heart overflows. It's so cliche because I know all kids do this, but it is just so sweet!

#7 A wonderful dada who plays all day with tootsie in her fort-box, and he has just as much fun as she does. Okay, my heart is bleeding :)



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