Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas Shenanigans

Well, I thought I would give y'all the run-down of our little Christmas this year. I had to work because the holiday fell on a weekend, so my family decided to come up here and hang out with Mr C. and Viv so they wouldn't get lonely. Also, then when I got off of work I could speed home sooner to hang out. My mom actually headed up on Thursday evening because she was so excited she just couldn't stay away any longer. She also has her own "room" now. So I think that she feels as though our house is her little bed and breakfast. She calls it "the Grandma room", and is constantly bringing up items from her house to add to the room. Actually, one of my Christmas presents, was actually a new lamp for her room, ha. Anyway, the point is she came on Thursday, and the rest of the crew headed up on Friday. We had planned to go to Christmas Eve church at our church up here at 7. So at about 5:30 I decided to check my email just to double check the times for church and of course it started at 6!!! I must have been emotional because of all the Christmas spirit or something because when I realized the mistake I made I promptly teared up. Oh brother! Well luckily they had another service at 11, but that unfortunately was too late for the babe and myself. So we took a rain check while the rest of the fam attended. I guess it all worked out because we ended up opening presents before church on Christmas Eve, but I was still slightly devastated, Christmas Eve church is just the best, (can you tell I'm not over it?).
Okay, the rest of the weekend was basically spent eating snacks, playing games, and relaxing.
Auntie K with Vivian

My little girlie and I.

Uncle Ted (as he calls himself) with Viv

After the weekend festivities we packed up and headed out late Monday night for O-town. We left at Vivian's bedtime thinking that she would hopefully sleep the whole way and then just hop into bed once we got there. Well the plan worked pretty well. Our travels went great, she slept the whole time. However, after we got there she went to sleep, but then woke up an hour later. Needless to say this was right after we had been letting her cry it out at home, and had gotten on a decent schedule. Well, I figured she was just uncomfortable in her new surroundings. Next night the same thing happened, only worse. She was up almost every hour! All night I couldn't figure out what the problem was. Turns out I looked in her mouth the next morning and she was getting in 4 top teeth. Well that explained it. For the rest of the trip she was fine during the day, but the nights were worse then when she was an infant. Zero sleep :) So on that note, we still really did have a good time showing her off to the family during the day, and Chris and I got naps here and there. Everything is just a phase, right? :)
Viv got a snow suit, we thought it was pretty cute, she was not a fan.

She loves hanging out with her uncle Travister

Oh, hello parenthood, so this is what it looks like to have 1 hour of sleep, no shower, and no makeup. Man we look gross, ha!

Oh a few more presents.

First Family Christmas.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

seven months

Funny that I am posting Vivian's 7 month pics on her 8 month birthday :) Well people, your just going to have to take what I give ya. Here is the list of things Vivian could do at 7 months.
* She can crawl
* She eats three small meals a day
* She weighs 17 pounds
* She's getting in four top teeth
* She is obsessed with things she can't have, (aren't we all) like the remote, cell phone. This baby, she just loves the electronics.
She also had a very good Christmas with my family at our house, then right after Christmas we headed off for a road trip to Omaha. While on this trip she started cutting four teeth on the top. So to combine that with being in a new environment she was not a happy camper. But we made it through and it was really great to see the Omaha fam.


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