Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bookworm Baby

Vivian is turning into quite the bookworm :)

eight months

Vivian turned 8 months old January 18th which already feels like a year ago, even though it was only a month ago :) This was an awesome age for her because she started doing so many precious things, such as:
* Saying mama! :)
* Eating finger foods
* Playing with the dogs
* Pulling herself up on furniture
* Crawling everywhere
* Playing in the tupperware
* Playing in everything
She's started having some stranger danger, and becomes quite shy around new people. But then when she gets to know them she warms right up, it just takes some time now :) Chris took her over to one of his friends house's for the superbowl and he told me she wouldn't leave his side, and that he secretly loved that he was the one that she wouldn't let go of :) How sweet! She terrorizes the dogs, but they are remarkable good with her. I think Sophie might be a little scared of her and just dodges out of the way when Viv comes plowing through. Also, Vivian has a new nickname, Tootsie. (This started at about 5 months, I just forgot to talk about it then :) Chris's nickname when he was little was Mootsie (Which his parents still call him). So one weekend he started calling Vivian Tootsie, and it just stuck. Tootsie Pop, Tootsie Roll, Toots, she's just a little Tootsie.
Here are the pics, it is getting harder and harder to get these ones with the sign because she is so mobile now!!!


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