Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Four Years.

Four years ago today Chris and I were married. The day was surprisingly a lot like it is today outside. Sunny with a high of around 80. Man I loved that day. After the proposal (which was one of my all time favorite days), our wedding day was seriously awesome. Everything was just the way I had obsessively planned it to be. Except for my hair, which we won't talk about, right Chris? I'm sure he is tired of hearing about that for the past four years ;) It seems like it was just yesterday. But when I have to scroll up 4 pages to get the wedding photos in my iphoto archives I know that it was longer then that. I don't want to forget any of it, but one certain toddler and being pregnant do funny things to your brain. Some of the things I don't want to forget about that day: How handsome my hubby looked the first time we saw each other.
My precious Grandma's and how proud they were of us.
Seeing Chris at the front of the church waiting for me.
Making out in some random alley during our photo shoot.
Dancing with my Dad (a first).
Dancing with our awesome wedding party!
Falling in love with Chris all over again.
Time does strange things to a relationship. Of course we've had our mountains and valleys, ups and downs, but isn't that to be expected. If you would have asked me four years ago if I would still be in love with Chris today, have one baby together, and another one on the way, I would have said "heck yes!" Because I know that our love is true and it was God's plan for us to be together. Cheers to four years my love. I wouldn't change a thing!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Little Sis Tied the Knot.

So two weekends ago my little sister Karissa got hitched to her loverboy. His name is Brandon, but we call him Bran. They adamantly wanted an outdoor wedding. My family was worried because it is still April after all, and you never know how things are going to turn out in Iowa. However, of course it was amazing and beautiful. (Sidenote, Pregnant gals should not be permitted to attend their sister's weddings because of the running mascara and hormone swings they cause).
Anyway, it was a perfect day! The sun was shining and it was a little chilly but nothing that couldn't be handled. There were a few very memorable moments for me. First, as MOH I was responsible for holding the grooms ring. Now since I was already holding my bouquet I didn't exactly know where to put they ring, so someone told me to just wear it on my thumb. Turns out this was a disastrous idea. Right after Karissa walked down the aisle and my Dad gave her away, I went to fluff her dress. Bad move! The ring flew off of my finger and literally bounced across the pavers. It was pretty loose on my thumb, and I was cold so it must have just slipped right off. Thankfully by this point the minister was starting to pray so I think most people had their heads bowed, but I know a few for sure caught me chasing it a few steps! How embarrassing. Then the rest of the ceremony I proceeded to cry my makeup right off. They had written their own vows and that just gets me every time.
Another sweet moment was watching Vivian be the flower girl. She was a little young for this task, but she looked so cute! I thought she would do fine walking down the aisle if I was standing at the front. Well since this wedding was outside in an amphitheater there were steps. Steps that were definitely not toddler friendly. But she started out doing so good and the ring bearer was being a little gentleman and helping her down the steps, super cute. Everything was going fine, then half way down she met a major obstacle, a baby sitting on a mama's lap on the end seat. There was obviously no way she could pass up this opportunity, she promptly let go of the ring bearer's hand and booked it for the baby. She started tickling the baby's feet. It was pretty cute. Thankfully Chris was at the back because he was an usher, so he went and got her and helped her the rest of the way down. She stood next to me for .2 seconds then ran over and sat with Chris in the front row and ate sour patch kids.
Overall it was a glorious day! Karissa was stunning! Her dress was perfect. The food was a-mazing, homemade and gluten free, yum. I had to give a speech (more nerves and mascara running), but it went fine. We danced the evening away, then cleaned the rest of the night away. Let me say it took 2.5 days for me to recover from the festivities. Actually the rest of the week I was exhausted and wanted to be on a honeymoon myself. But it was so worth it. Definitely one of the best days ever! I love these two together, and I love how much Bran loves my sis, so it made it very easy to celebrate their love.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baby on Board, Take 2.

If you don't know, there is a bun in this oven. That's right, round two.
Current stats: *Mama is 28 weeks along. *We don't know what this baby will be. Maybe a boy, maybe a girl. *Mama is emotional, holy cow. *Dada is tired. *The baby is approximately the size of a cauliflower. *Due to arrive around the end of July. *Vivian is very excited about the new baby. *Vivian is very excited about ALL babies. *Mama is a little more fatigued then during round one. *Dada and Mama sometimes forget that there will be a new baby in only 3 months. *Mama has to take a nasty glucose test next week. *Everything is so far looking great and healthy. *The heartburn is killer. *Mama and Dada are planning for another natural birth. *Mama is going to go take a nap now.


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