Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baby Rutabaga

Well this is week 25 and I couldn't be more excited (or be having more heartburn). The baby is the size of the rutabaga this week. Haha, seriously, these food comparisons just crack me up. Ever since being preggo I have definitely learned some new fruits and vegetables. But here are the facts about Nudger:

-Weighs about 1.5 pounds (apparently equivalent to a rutabaga)
-Currently about 13.5 inches in length
-Is starting to grow some hair

Here are the facts about me:

- I love my belly
- I make a ridiculous grunt every time I have to bend down or get up (and I can't help it, weird)
- Chris can feel the baby kick now which is pretty awesome
- Strangers have finally started to notice I'm with child
I apologize that the recent posts have been few and far between. I have been in a blogging SLUMP, which I blame on this darn unmotivating weather. Have I said lately how much I can't wait for spring? Well I'll say it again, I cannot wait!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nursery Preview

Here is a little preview of the nursery. We're not close to being done, but I just thought I'd give you all the gist of what it is going to look like. We started by painting the whole room. I chose to do one orange accent wall, and the other three plain white. This is Chris painting, with of course his best Avatar face. I don't really get it. He does this now every time I take a picture.

The orange actually turned out really good! It doesn't look awesome in this picture, but thats mostly because all of the ugly yellow paint that is still on the wall.
These are the wall decals that I got in the mail a couple weeks ago and can't wait to put up.

And of course the crib. This turned out to be kind of a pain. All I wanted was a simple white crib. Turns out this is harder than it sounds, everything is a sleigh bed or a convertible bed with a bunch of bells and whistles. Well, I didn't want all those bells and whistles. We ended up finding this crib at and I love it! It's exactly what I wanted, and its actually really sturdy. We got it a couple days ago and Chris put it together in no time flat. I love the simple little drawer underneath, and the simpleness of it.

And, we can't forget my favorite item the glorious glider :)

We haven't put up the wall decals yet, and I'm working on making a baby comforter and curtains. Remember, this is just a preview. I can't wait till it all comes together!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Before and After

I was recently talking to my friend Jewel and she brought to my attention that I haven't put up any pictures of our new house. So, I figured it was about time to throw some of those up. We moved into this house last May, and the last eight months have been filled with renovations. After our last house I swore that I was not going to do a fixer upper again. Well, when we found this house, it was only 15 years old and not a fixer-upper but it was definitely not decorated according to my taste. It had so many positives that we were looking for, perfect neighborhood, 4 bedrooms, good layout, etc that we decided that the pros outweighed the cons and we went for it. I figured a little painting/wallpaper removal wouldn't be that big of a deal. Hmm, well the pictures speak for themselves :) It was definitely not as much work as our last house, but it was certainly a lofty endeavor. However, my love for a good before and after will never change! We still have a bunch of projects ahead of us, but have came a long way in 8 months.
One of our first projects was the lovely dining room. The maroon drapes, and wallpaper had to go asap. This room actually wasn't a terrible project, we got the wallpaper and chair rail off in a day. Then had to wash the walls and paint the next day. I ended up using the same paint that we used in our old dining room. I really love the sunny yellow, and the room was instantly 100 times brighter! I love the room now, I would eventually like to tear the carpet out and put in hardwood or tile, but that can wait.
When we bought the house I said, "Oh we can spread these projects out over a couple years." Poor Chris had no idea what he was in for, I think we overhauled 5 rooms in 3 months... However, the Dining room really is one of my favorite "afters".

One of my other favorite diy's was the main floor half bathroom. It was wallpapered in a nice tropical theme and had a wooden toilet seat. This project started by me deciding to remove the wallpaper and just paint the walls. Well my dear husband was going to have to take out the toilet so I could get that paper off. So, we decided maybe we should just buy a new toilet. Then we decided, if we take the toilet off we might as well tile the floor. And finally, if the floor is tiled the only thing that wouldn't be new was the vanity, so we might as well replace that too. Things spiraled right out of control. This project ended up taking more work from Chris's end with the tiling and plumbing. Thank goodness for his bff Gilson who taught him how to tile and helped with a lot of the project. Once again the end product is amazing.

The last project for this post is the living room. Once again the drapes these people left us were just out of control. I don't know if they thought they were doing us a favor by leaving them, but really they were just hideous! The fireplace was of course hunter green tile. Before: We had a hard time deciding what to do about this tile. We thought about just replacing it, but then I read some diy article about painting brick fireplaces. Well this wasn't brick, but I talked to my dear dad about spraying it white. He thought I was a little crazy at first, but we decided if it didn't turn out then we could just re-tile it. Miraculously it turned out just the way I wanted it too! Of course we painted the walls too. It took three coats to over over more maroon around the fireplace!


Well I think thats enough for now. We've only done a couple projects since I've been preggers. Chris won't let me paint right now, which is very sweet. But we did paint nudger's room a couple weeks ago with eco friendly paint and I've been working on designing that. The crib is ordered, we have the glider and a shelf, now I'm on the lookout for a dresser!!! Hopefully I'll be able to post nursery pictures soon.


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