Thursday, October 29, 2009

O Town

Last week we made a quick little trip out to Omaha to visit Chris's family and tell them about nudger. We ended up staying two nights. The drive really goes pretty quick and its kind of like a miniature road trip. We left on Wednesday and got there in time to watch Travis's soccer game that was in town. It was at Creighton University's stadium which was really nice, except it was a little rainy. So we bucked up and got out the umbrellas and long johns.

The stadium was super nice!

Here we are walking to the game, Chris mom Kim, his aunt Patty, and Cousin Mallory

One more of Mallory, she was cracking me up with her umbrella!

This is the only one I got of Travis playing, it was hard to get pics because of the rain. But he played awesome!

The next day we stopped by Chris's Grandmas house to tell her about the baby. She is very excited to be a "Greatest Grandma".

And finally no stop to Omaha is complete without a visit to Runza! I've decided I've officially become a Runzanatic.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Best Sound in the World!

Yesterday was our 12 week appointment and it was great! I was a little nervous at first because we actually hadn't met the Dr. yet, just his nurse at our last visit. I obviously knew who he was though because I've met him in the hospital before, and he was super nice, which is why I decided to go with him in the first place. Sure enough, he did not disappoint. Dr. Fox is now Chris and my favorite person. 1. Because he is super nice and talkative. 2. Because he is the amazing person who doppled Nudger's heartbeat. 3. Chris likes him because he is a huskers fan (Even though I wouldn't be admitting that to anyone right now).

Anyway, when we first went in the nurse tried to find the heartbeat. She was not having much luck because my stomach was growling and rumbling, and it kept picking up my own heartbeat. Finally, after trying for a couple minutes, she was like I'll just let the Dr. try. I thought that I would be nervous if that happened and they couldn't find it right away. However, I really wasn't because I've been so queasy lately that I know that something is going on in there. So then a couple minutes later Dr. Fox came in and tried and got it right away. 173 beats/min :) It was glorious! It was so fast like a little helicopter. I didn't start crying when I heard it, but when the nurse first brought the doppler into the room and I saw her holding it I teared up then, just seeing the doppler, haha :)

So that was pretty much the extent of the visit. I now get to visit Dr. Fox and his crew every month. The Dr. said everything looked fine and was happy with the heartbeat. So that is good enough for me. Now if this darn evening sicking would let up a little bit. However, the Dr. said that he liked it if I was "a little sick" :) So I guess I'll take it for awhile. I really do fine all day, then bam, 6pm and I definitely can not eat any supper. Poor Chris keeps trying to make me food and I reject it every time. Its good food too! Last night he made me chicken noodle. It was about 8pm, I had one spoonful. Sorry babe, its not you, its me.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

what the heck is a kumquat?

Apparently, according to the baby is the size of a kumquat this week. I have no idea what that is, so I looked it up. It is a citrus type of fruit that is grown in China. Okay the question of the day is, why can't they just compare the baby to regular old fruits? Not this crazy exotic fruit. Anyway fruit or not, the point is that I'm 10 weeks! We get to see the MD in 2 more weeks and I can hardly wait!

Currently Craving:

Thank goodness for Fairway Grocery. They supply these delicious Kalona Bakery rolls that I am loving!

Also, I decided to throw a few other photos in this post from last weeks happenings. We were able to get together with our good friends Brylee and Ramona for supper (and to surprise them with our news). We ate at the Brown Bottle and then had coffee at the Java House. It was a wonderful evening.

Ramona and I

Bry and Mo

My hubby and I

My amazing hot chocolate

Sigh, I could go for one of those hot chocolates right now...

Friday, October 2, 2009

you've got something on your shirt...

Well Marcie and I decided not to tell anyone that she was prego until she was around 12 weeks. Of course we decided this when she was not prego. Now that she is prego we can not keep it a secret any longer. 8 weeks is when we began to tell our families. We were not quite sure how to go about telling everyone. Marcie and I both bounced ideas off of one another until we came up with a fairly clever idea.

We decided to make a shirt that just read, "Baby on Board." This was a plain white t-shirt and the words were large enough for people to read from a good distance away. After making the shirt we decided that marcie would wear a jacket over the t-shirt and I would take one picture of her with the unsuspecting victims of our announcement. After taking one picture I would then switch the camera from picture mode to video mode. Before acting as though I was taking a picture I would then say that Marcie has something one her shirt. Everyone would then look at her shirt and Bang... chaos would ensue.

It was very exciting and nerve racking to tell our families and our friends. Often times it was tough to get people to even take a picture. People wanted to fix their hair and some didn't feel like taking pictures. We'll just say next time if someone ask you to be in a picture just stand up and do it because if you don't it could ruin a surprise. Well, without further ado here is a video of our families learning about nudger.

Well that was just a little delicious taste of the families learning about nudger. Hopefully in a few days I will be able to post the clips of our friends learning about nudger.


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