Monday, November 1, 2010

hello 5 months

I know I am a tad late on this post, but here it is anyway :) Vivian is 5 and a half months old. However, I did take these photos right at 5 months. She is growing so fast and changes a little bit every day!
Some of her latest accomplishments are:
-Rolling from front to back, and back to front
-Laughing hysterically at Daddy's funny faces
-Playing patty-cake
-Sleeping a little better through the night
-Eating some baby food
-Taking three naps a day
She also has two teeth in! She starting getting these at about 3.5 months, which I think was why she was sleeping so poorly through most of month 4. She is thankfully starting to adjust more to them now. She is a generally a really good, happy baby and we just love her to pieces. I am starting to wonder what I blogged about before I had a child :) It really is all about her now, and I wouldn't have it any other way. These 5 month photos were pretty funny! She kept trying to eat the leaves, it was cracking Chris and I up.

Oh, hello leaf.

I'm going to eat you now...


Geesh Dad stop kissing me.

My first time climbing the tree.


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