Thursday, March 31, 2011

10 Months

Vivian was 10 months March 18th! She is doing all sorts of cutesie-tootsie things.

+ She is walking everywhere! (This sign thing is getting tougher by the month)

+ She has 8 teeth

+ Waves hi/bye

+ Gives hugs and kisses
+ Experiencing some stranger danger

+ Goes up and down steps (this probably started around mo 8)
+ Eats almost everything that mom and dad do

+ She loves the puppies

My favorite time of day

I love, love, love breakfast. It is my absolute favorite time of day with Vivian. We both love breakfast food, the sun is usually shining, and we just love it. Did I say that we love it? :) Let me tell you our routine. At 8 she gets in her high-chair and eats some cheerios while to get the food around. She always eats what I call a Banana-Mash-Up, and I eat oatmeal with the rest of her banana. She probably also eats about a half a box of cheerios, which are definitely her favorite.
So here are the goods.
1. Banana Mash up: Bananas + Orange Juice + Cereal for viv
2. Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal + Milk + Left over Banana for mom
3. Vitamin D drops
4. Cheerios
Then sometimes we also have amish eggs or yogurt. It's devine. I think that I just like a good routine, its just so comfortable. Kind of like an old shoe. It's just the best feeling in the world.

Our trusty side-kick Sophie sits under the high chair waiting for tidbits to drop off.

My happy breakfast buddy :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random Wednesday

So, some funny things happened around our house today. Number one. The baby has been sleeping from about 7pm to 5:30am, which is more amazing then I can even explain! I haven't slept 6 or 7 straight hours since I was probably about 7 months preggo. This morning Baby woke up at about 5:30, I went in and fed her and she dozed back to sleep in her crib until 6:30, when she woke up again. So I went in again and figured it was time to get up for the day. Well, she was still a little sleepy so her and I decided to doze in the chair until daddy got home. A few minutes later Dad showed up and baby woke up, looked at him, and then promply projectile vomited all over me. And then she did it two more times. And then she smiled :) It was so weird because she really stopped spitting up around 8 months old, so this was completely random. So her, I, and the chair were covered in puke. I decided we better both just get a bath because I hate that sour milk smell. So we both jumped in the tub. We usually don't do this because I like the water much hotter then Viv, but decided too this morning to save time. So before the tub is even full I look down, and what do I see? Baby poo. That's right. This was definitely a morning of firsts because she has never done that before either! It was completely disgusting. Once again Viv was just happy as a clam, she must have felt better to get that out of her system. It turned out to be a pretty short bath, which leads me to number two: Cleaning the tub.

Finally after all the shenanigans had calmed down, Chris went to sleep and we decided to have breakfast. Number three: I went to make our oatmeal and while opening the new box punched a hole into the flimsy package = oatmeal all over the floor. As I'm cleaning it up I realized I didn't get my favorite kind of oatmeal which is, Thick and Hearty Maple and Brown Sugar, I just got plain ole Maple and Brown Sugar. Dangit! So not only is there oatmeal all over the floor, I got the wrong kind. Double Whammy! You might wonder why I'm so concerned about what kind of oatmeal I got? Well, I will save my oatmeal rantings for their own special post next week. Anyway, I swept the extra crumbs under the frig and we got on with breakfast. So far the rest of the morning has been glorious! Some cute little boy stopped by our house yesterday selling candy bars, I bought a snickers and had it for my mid-morning snack today and it was devine! Viv had a bite too :)

So basically the morning started off a bit rough, but it was kinda funny too. You know when people tell you, "kids poop and puke everywhere". Well, I'm here to tell you its true :) But, I hate to say it, its totally worth it. Did I mention I have baby fever again? Well, thats right, I do. And so I will leave you with that. Those are my random Wednesday thoughts. Don't worry 10 month photos will be up soon, because I know thats what ya'll want to see anyway :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

9 months

3/4 year old, hooray! Vivian is doing so many cute things I can barely keep up. She just started getting her 8th tooth (which is practically 8 teeth in 6 months :S ). Every time she starts getting a tooth the sleep goes out the window. But I am just thankful that she is healthy and happy. We have had some sleepless nights lately, but I know that it is not going to last forever, and soon she will be 1, and then 2, and then I might miss waking up at night to hold her (maybe;). In the spirit of spring Vivian has started to wear dresses with leggings, which is the cutest thing ever! They are so cute with her cloth dipes and leg warmers I just want to pinch her cheeks. She's getting a little more hair, but it is still pretty sparse on the top. Here is her 9 month drumroll:
* She gives kisses and hugs
* She claps
* She can climb up the steps
* She can free stand
* She can edge around all the furniture
* She can push her toy and walk behind it
* She can eat everything we eat for supper as long as its mashed up a bit
* 8 Teeth
* Says mama
Holy cow it has been a big month! Which I'm guessing is maybe why she still wakes up so much? Maybe she is just to excited to sleep with all these new developments, ha :) Photos:


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