Friday, May 28, 2010

Vivian Iris Ward

Vivian’s Birth Story
It all started at 10 pm Monday May 17th. I was nine days overdue, but still feeling pretty good. We had an appointment the previous Friday and I wasn’t dilated at all. Since I was past due the Dr. wanted us to have a non stress test and ultrasound, which were both fine. I worked the weekend which was hard and ended up staying for eight hour shifts both days because I was so tired. That Sunday after work I was starting to feel anxious because I knew I had an appointment coming up on Tuesday and I did not want to talk about induction, which I was afraid was coming.

On Monday my friend Melissa came over and we went for yet another 2-mile walk. I had some Braxton hicks contractions throughout the day, but nothing out of the ordinary. Finally, in one last ditch effort to induce labor myself I scheduled an acupuncture treatment with my chiropractor for Monday afternoon at 2:30 pm. Chris and I had been trying everything else to try and naturally induce labor, but with no luck. So I went to my appointment with feelings that it probably wouldn’t work, but hoping that it would. After the appointment I came home and hung out with Chris. Thankfully it was his night off and we were just going to take it easy. Chris was cleaning the house and I swear I didn’t even have to nest because he was doing it for me. He was cleaning the bathrooms and tidying everything up. I told him I would vacuum and dust the living room. I remember wanting to do more but after vacuuming I was exhausted. It was all I could do to finish a couple chores before I laid down on the couch. A few hours later we cooked supper and I remember standing by the stove not feeling the best.

I was having some more Braxton hicks contractions that were hurting a little bit but I didn’t want to get excited so I just sat on the exercise ball after supper. Finally about 9:30 I wanted to go to bed, so we headed upstairs. At 10 pm I started having contractions that were uncomfortable. I still did not want to get excited because we learned that adrenaline could slow your labor down. So I told Chris what was happening but we just continued to hang out in the bedroom. Then I started having to pee about every 5 minutes. That was our first clue that this was real labor. Chris started timing my contractions and they were consistently four minutes apart and lasting about thirty seconds long. I paced in the hallway and packed my last minute toiletries. I really needed Chris to be next to me right from the start. Every time I would have a contraction I would holler for him to come so I could lean on him. I was still able to rest and laugh between contractions.

Around 1 pm we decided to go for a walk outside. It was kind of chilly but the cool air felt good. We were laughing because we thought we probably looked ridiculous to anyone walking. We were walking so slowly and then we would stop and I would have to lean on Chris during contractions. They were about 3 minutes apart at this time.

At 2:30 pm I decided to get into the bathtub. We talked about going to the hospital but I still didn’t want to go. I stayed in the bath for about an hour and the contractions were getting stronger. We called the hospital after I got out and they asked how far apart the contractions were, we said 3 minutes. Then they said to eat and take a bath. We told them we already had, so they said to come on in. I still really did not feel like going, so we tried to take another walk. It had really cooled off outside at this point and we only made it a block and a half before going back home. I told Chris we should probably go soon. He loaded up the car and I drank some Gatorade and ate toast. Contractions were two minutes apart and one minute long. Chris rubbed my back during them and I was still working through them okay.

After I finished my snack we left for the hospital at about 4 pm. We got there at 4:30 and the ride was terrible. I was so uncomfortable sitting down in the car. Our nurse said she wondered if we were going to show up ☺ She checked us in and hooked me up to the monitor. Baby’s heart rate was great and I was definitely contracting. She checked me and I was 5 cm. I said, “So do I get to stay?” haha. We gave her our birth plan and she was on board. Chris was still helping me through every contraction. I was most comfortable sitting on the birth ball leaning either on Chris or the bed. Our nurse called Dr. Fox to tell him I was there and I wouldn’t be coming to my appointment that Tuesday morning!

At about 6:30 Tuesday morning Dr. Fox checked in on us and told us he would be back at 7:30 after a meeting. He gave the nurses the okay to do intermittent monitoring so I could move around the room. They hooked me up to the monitor every 30 minutes, and everything was always fine with the baby. Dr. came back around 8 am and checked me, I was 8 cm and 100 percent effaced. He said to just keep doing what we were doing. I really had to focus during contractions at this point because they were intense.

Around 9 I wanted to get in the bathtub to help with the back pain I was having. Our nurse told me to be careful because many times the bath can make you relax so much that you progress really quickly and want to push, and she didn’t want me to have the baby in the bathtub. I told her I would be careful. I was only in the bath for about 10 minutes before I started having pressure and decided I needed to get out. Chris chugged an energy drink and helped me back to bed.

The nurse checked me and I was fully dilated except for a tiny lip of cervix. I was having the urge to push but because of that lip they told me to wait which was extremely hard. Dr. Fox came back and we decided it would be best to break my bag of water. After my water broke the urge to push became even stronger. After about 2 hours of pushing Vivian Iris was born naturally at seven pounds nine ounces. They immediately put her up on my chest, and I looked down and saw the sweetest baby ever. Labor was definitely the hardest most intense thing I have ever done, but also the most rewarding. It sounds cheesy but Chris and I are so in love that it is hard to put it into words. Here are some photos of little Vivie.

Friday, May 14, 2010

40 weeks and 5 days

Well, I'm officially overdue. Now, for all you antsy-pantsy's out there I'm only 5 days past my due date (which is just an estimate anyway). Don't get me wrong I am definitely ready to see this baby, but he or she will come when they are ready too and not a minute sooner. I went in for another appointment today and everything is still fine. Dr said he will let me go until next week before we will have to induce. So I go back on Tuesday for another check and we'll go from there. Since I am past my due date, today we did have a non-stress test and ultrasound. Both were perfectly normal. There is still plenty of amniotic fluid in there and babies heart rate was great. It was kind of fun actually because we've only had one other ultrasound so it was so crazy to see how much baby has changed from 18 weeks! He/she was rolling around in there and we got to see the face really well. Obviously I am already partial, but baby just had the cutest little face! The chin looks just like Chris's chin, and the baby was sticking its tongue out. I can't wait to see it in person, oh and also he/she has a lot of hair, we could see it on the ultrasound :)

So anyway, that is the update for now. I have been having quite a few braxton-hicks contractions, and last night they were going pretty strong but then died down. So it was just another false labor tease. I am going to work this weekend so maybe being on my feet for a couple 12 hour days will help... Keep your fingers crossed, and I will try to keep this old blog updated more frequently. There just really hasn't been a whole lot to say in the past couple weeks, just waiting...

(Of course Mitzy is anxiously waiting too, and has been a great walking companion for me the past couple weeks :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Random Conglomeration...

Ok beware, this post is extremely random and all over the place. Since I haven't blogged in a little while I feel there is a lot to catch up on. Most importantly of all my glorious new camera (well I should say "our" glorious new camera)!!! This little beauty arrived a few weeks ago and Chris and I are pretty happy with the decision. I think we were both surprised with how user friendly this model is. Chris has actually been using it just as much as me. So needless to say ever since this has arrived we have been shooting everything in sight, which is why this is going to be such a random posting.
First off we celebrated Wade and Erin's wedding a couple weekends ago. Chris was the best man and we had a really fun time. Although, I have to say heels are definitely not a pregnant girl's friend. After a few hours my feet were about to die. But it really was a fun celebration, here are a few snaps from that.

Sara and I comparing belly's.

Group Shot.

The happy lovebirds.

Baby-daddy and myself.

College buddies.

Next up, last week Chris and I went out for a hike to try and get this baby movin. Well, that didn't exactly happen, but we still had fun out on the trails. I have been walking like a mad women, determined that that will move the baby down and out haha :) But this baby has a mind of its own, so no action yet, but in the meantime if you are looking for me I am probably out pacing the sidewalks.
Chris was so excited to be going for another walk that he decided to jump for joy :)

And finally in baby news, well, we are still here waiting patiently. I had a Dr. appointment on Monday and everything looks fine. I'm 39 1/2 weeks today. So whenever this little lady or fellow decides to make his or her apperance it is fine with us. We have all the gear ready to go. Swing and packnplay are assembled in the living room, and Mitzy and Sophie are anxiously awaiting the new arrival :) However, I'm not getting my hopes up too high because, just so you all know I have a feeling it could be another week or two...


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