Sunday, April 29, 2012

Things you forget about pregnancy

The past couple days I have been having some strange little fluttery feelings in my low abdomen. Not like regular baby kicks and bumps. I was like is the baby just tickling my stomach or playing around or what? Then last night after it had happened about 4 times yesterday I was like what the heck is it doing? Then it finally dawned on me, baby hiccups! I seriously totally forgot about them. Then of course as soon as I thought about it, I totally remembered the feeling. It was just so funny to me because how do you forget something like that in two years? Silly baby. Silly mama. Chris reminds me all the time of things I have forgotten about pregnancy. I will complain of something like, "Man babe, my belly is stretching more then it did last time." He will promptly remind me I said all of these exact same things last time too. How quickly you forget... Tootsie #2 at 18 weeks


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