Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring is here... I think.

I just love spring for so many reasons. 1. The sunshine is back 2. I can go for walks outside again. 3. The dogs can play in the backyard. 4. We can start to grill out again. 5. Garden planting. 6. Easter. 7. The grass is turning green. 8. The farmer's market opens soon. 9. Wearing jackets instead of coats. 10. NUDGER'S ARRIVAL WILL BE THIS SPRING :)

I am 33 weeks right now and not a whole lot has changed, which is why I have been in somewhat of a blogging slump. Chris and I have been going to our Bradley classes and preparing for the birth. I've still been doing prenatal yoga, which is getting harder and harder every week with this belly :) But overall the baby is just growing like crazy. I think nudger hit a huge growth spurt last week because all of a sudden the little kicks turned into somersaults and all out gymnastic events! He/she is starting to get very strong in there. I will just be setting still and all of a sudden nudger will roll over to one half of my stomach, and it will be completely lopsided. It is crazy weird. All of the Dr.'s visits have been normal so far, so we are just here counting down the days :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Nudger's Nursery

I know these pics have been a long time coming, but I finally found the time to sit down and blog about them. The nursery has really came together quite nicely if I do say so myself. There were a few set-backs here and there, but overall it worked out in the end. Chris and I started out with the painting back in December. Although Chris wasn't convinced about having an orange wall I persuaded him. I figured with all of the white furniture and three other white walls it would balance out the orange. The orange wall turned out fine, but if you don't remember from my previous posts, I had to go back and re-paint the white walls. They just weren't white enough and I was worried they would clash with the furniture. The new white walls are much better. After the painting we started collecting furniture. We had already purchased the glider last fall, and the crib was set up as well. We ended up painting this old shelf I found at my parents house white and putting it under the window for some extra storage. We also added in another rocking chair. This was also donated by my mom for her "grandma bedroom". But I thought it would be nice to have two chairs in the nursery.

I also decided to use this little stand that we had been using as a tv stand, and change it into a changing table. So, that too got a coat of white paint and a bit of a makeover. I snatched this little stand out of a junk shop for twenty bucks a couple years ago.
Here it is before:
And After:

After we had all the furniture in the room it was time for the decals to go up :) Actually thanks to Chris the process was really pretty painless. It took a couple hours, but once we got the hang of it, it really wasn't bad. The hardest part was getting all of the branches level. I ended up cutting out all of the pieces and putting them in order while Chris applied them to the wall.

The end product was definitely worth the work. So, here are some pics of the completed room. I love the orange wall!

I found a little bird mobile online, so we added that into the mix.

A few minor details:

Whew, so thats pretty much the jist of it all. Let me know what you think?!?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Holler for 30 Weeks!

We've reached the 30 week mark and I feel like this is a big milestone. Man it feels good to be out of the 20's :) And only 10 more weeks seems like nothin! Nudger's kicks are definitely stronger and I am starting to be able to make out the body parts that are squirming around in there, which is incredibly weird and amazing all at once.

We also started our childbirth education class tonight which was interesting. We decided to take a Bradley Method class. It is 8 weeks long, which I wondered about at first, but holy cow we have a lot to learn. Tonight was great! Chris and I learned a lot about exercises to do while pregnant, and nutrition. It was so informative, I was definitely impressed. Chris seemed to like it too. They talk a lot about the "coach" and what the coach can do to help during pregnancy/labor. I think this is going to be so helpful because then Chris feels like he has specific things he can do to help me. We have 7 more weeks of this class, which will put us up to right before we are due!

A few more facts about 30 weeks:
-Nudger weighs about 2.5 - 3 pounds
-I'm feeling like I'm the clumsiest person in the world, I trip, run into, or head butt everything in sight!
-Currently craving: Arby's roast beef sandwiches
-The heartburn has reared its nasty head in the past week
-18 days until spring
And here is what 30 weeks looks like, if you were wondering.


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