Saturday, July 28, 2012

40 Weeks + 1 day

Well the due date (guess date) for this little babe came and passed us by yesterday. I am one day over right now and feel fine. I am tired, and of course I want to meet this baby more then anyone, but he or she will come when they are ready. (Although I have been giving he or she some pep-talks to come on out and meet us :) Going past your due date is hard. Most people don't make it to their due date, let alone go past it. So when you do, people kind of look at you like you are crazy. But that is just the way things are. I trust my body to do what it needs to do, and so in the meantime I am just here hanging out. Ironically this post is very similar to a post I wrote with Vivian when I was five days overdue. Look back in the archives at May 14th 2010, it is pretty funny. Anyway, everything is looking fine babywise. I am having some false labor here and there, and baby is super active. I have been nesting like crazy, everything on my to do list is done! I have done a couple of the things twice, so we are ready! Belly at 39 Weeks:
Vivian is being a good little girl waiting for the baby. We just finished up swim lessons, which were actually really relaxing for me. The water was amazing. I could live in that pool. We have been having a bunch of play-dates to keep busy, and have been hanging out with Dada, doing crafts, playing outside, and going for walks everyday. I think that she knows a change is going to happen but she is not quite sure what. When I ask her if she thinks the baby is a boy or girl, she says, "Girl", then two seconds later "Boy!" She is no help ;) She plays with her baby dolls none stop and it really is the sweetest thing to watch. She rocks them, sings to them, pats them on the back, gives them bottles. It is crazy how she just knows how to do those things. And really cute too. She started putting her baby dolls in the real baby items, like the swing and bouncer. I'm like oh boy here we go. She definitely wants to be involved so it will be interesting. I can't wait! Big Sis:

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  1. Vivian is adorable! She's going to be a great big sister. I hope you don't have to wait too much longer--good for you off letting your little one come in his or hed own time. All mine were born between 1.5-2.5 weeks past the due date, so I can sympathize with you. Hang in there and enjoy the extra one-on-one time with Vivian.



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